Supportive and Effective Counselling in Warwick

The first step in starting therapy – the choice to begin – is often the hardest. As your therapist, I’m here to help you identify and explore areas of strength in your life as well as aspects that challenge you. You can expect to feel respected, heard and understood in a confidential, non-judgemental space.

Life is challenging, and at times can feel too much to handle by yourself. We can become stuck and feel unable to grow or move forward. I will listen closely to understand your world; using my experience, knowledge and intuition to help guide you as we explore the gifts and obstacles in your life. Our work together will be shaped by you and move at a pace you feel comfortable with. You may begin to experience a stronger sense of yourself and your inner-wisdom as you become your own guide.

What I Offer

As a BACP registered counsellor and psychotherapist, I offer one-to-one sessions online and in-person from a private counselling room in Warwick. I provide immediate short-term support when life seems overwhelming or you feel alone. Or we can use longer-term work to explore complex issues in more depth and bring about lasting change.

I have experience working with a wide range of life issues such as: anxiety; depression; addictive thinking and behaviour; disordered eating; low self-confidence; abuse; grief; issues within relationships and families; navigating transitions; adjusting to parenthood; the impact of long-term health conditions; and other life-affecting experiences.


My field is Psychosynthesis counselling: an integrative approach which includes a range of effective, supportive and creative techniques from modern psychotherapy and ancient wisdom. We explore the interconnection between mind, body and emotions and how they each affect our life experiences and sense of self. Creating a sense of inner harmony (synthesis) by accepting and including all aspects of our being. In our sessions I can support and guide you on this journey.

My Story

Before training as a counsellor, I worked as a secondary school teacher and youth worker in London for 10 years. I relocated to the Midlands in 2016 and started a family.

I have a long-term health condition (Rheumatoid Arthritis); and learning to integrate this and other life changes, has been a formative part of my development as a counsellor, and as a person.

My own journey in therapy was intermittent, firstly as a teenager struggling to cope within my family system. Then at university, feeling uprooted and alone, in need of connection. My third attempt to engage with therapy, in my twenties, came from a deterioration in both my physical and emotional wellbeing. Therapy at this time brought about a profound change in my understanding and acceptance of myself. My physical and emotional health improved, as did my ability to relate to others. My experience inspired me to become a counsellor myself, hoping to lend the benefit of my learning to someone else taking the brave step to engage in therapy.

Next Steps and Fees

Send me an email to let me know what you are looking for. Our first session is commitment-free, and will be an opportunity for you to get a feel for what is involved and see if we are a good fit. Counselling sessions can be held either online or in-person, from my therapy room located off Budbrooke Road in Warwick.

My fee is £60 per 50 minute session.

Contact Me

If you feel I could be of help to you, or you have any questions, please get in touch: